Professional and accomplished technical editor...

“Trelawney worked with my team on a significant release of Windows Media Player. She came on board and quickly took complete control of the project, including getting up to speed on our style guides and establishing healthy, productive working relationships with the rest of the extended team.


"She needed almost no guidance from me. We checked in several times during the day for status and to discuss next steps. That's pretty much all the supervision she needed. Given the chaos going on around us, Trelawney's calm competence was a real asset.


"Trelawney's editing was fantastic and she brought a helpful focus on user experience to the project.


"All up, Trelawney is one of the most professional and accomplished technical editors I've had the pleasure of working with. She's a nice person, too. I would jump at the chance to work with her again.” 

- Terrence Dorsey, Lead Technical Editor, Windows Media Division, Microsoft


Who is NWxNE?

NorthWest by NorthEastTM is the professional face of Trelawney Goodell Fulton, a content guru with 15 years experience providing editing, writing, and content management services for technical, marketing, educational, multimedia, and web content. 


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