Impeccable editorial leadership...

"I have known Trelawney for many years and have tremendous faith in her editorial skills and judgment. In addition to many informal editorial consultations over the years, I had the pleasure of working with her professionally on a major agency project: a 200-page corporate training book and 50 pages of supplementary materials. As content manager for the project, Trelawney displayed impeccable editorial leadership, strong communication skills, and an overall attention to detail that ensured that work progressed smoothly and successfully."

- Annika Hipple, Writer and Editor, Freelance


Who is NWxNE?

NorthWest by NorthEastTM is the professional face of Trelawney Goodell Fulton, a content guru with 15 years experience providing editing, writing, and content management services for technical, marketing, educational, multimedia, and web content. 


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