Professional and accomplished technical editor...

“Trelawney worked with my team on a significant release of Windows Media Player. She came on board and quickly took complete control of the project, including getting up to speed on our style guides and establishing healthy, productive working relationships with the rest of the extended team.


"She needed almost no guidance from me. We checked in several times during the day for status and to discuss next steps. That's pretty much all the supervision she needed. Given the chaos going on around us, Trelawney's calm competence was a real asset.


"Trelawney's editing was fantastic and she brought a helpful focus on user experience to the project.


"All up, Trelawney is one of the most professional and accomplished technical editors I've had the pleasure of working with. She's a nice person, too. I would jump at the chance to work with her again.” 

- Terrence Dorsey, Lead Technical Editor, Windows Media Division, Microsoft


Clear communication style...

"I've had the good luck to work with Trelawney both at Produxs and The Garrigan Lyman Group. She's an excellent project manager: totally on top of whatever task is at hand, yet down-to-earth and accessible. She intuitively grasps what needs to be done at every stage of a project and gracefully balances the needs of both her team and the client. One of her greatest strengths is her clear communication style, a godsend on any project, especially complex technical writing. She's smart and funny and can multitask like no one's business. If I had to pick a Dream Team PM, she'd be it! It's truly been a pleasure to work with her."

- Diane Sepanski, Writer/Editor/Proofreader, Freelance


Impeccable editorial leadership...

"I have known Trelawney for many years and have tremendous faith in her editorial skills and judgment. In addition to many informal editorial consultations over the years, I had the pleasure of working with her professionally on a major agency project: a 200-page corporate training book and 50 pages of supplementary materials. As content manager for the project, Trelawney displayed impeccable editorial leadership, strong communication skills, and an overall attention to detail that ensured that work progressed smoothly and successfully."

- Annika Hipple, Writer and Editor, Freelance


Efficient, easy to communicate with...

"I worked with Trelawney on creating a massive curriculum development project for Aveda. She was efficient, easy to communicate with and always a pleasure to be around. I would love to work with her again."

- Angela Hoskins, Senior Designer, The Garrigan Lyman Group


Great independence, reliability and problem-solving skills...

"At Bowdoin, I knew Trelawney as a student in a Research Methods course and as a research assistant on a large research project. The analytic skills that she developed in the course were so good that I asked her to work for me during the following summer. In that work she did an admirable job, demonstrating her great independence, reliability and problem-solving skills. With one other student, she worked — largely unsupervised, because I was teaching in Ohio for four weeks of the summer — with skill and accuracy to log in data as they were received and to code and keypunch that data. She also helped to manage the mailing of letters to EEOC complainants and carried out telephone interviews of both complainants and employers. Early in the summer she helped me by drafting the initial coding scheme to capture the complex data we were collecting from varying sources. All of this work was made more complex by the need to connect and coordinate the collection of data from as many as five different sources about the same complaints made to the EEOC. Snags regularly occurred and Trelawney had to find ways to resolve them. Thus, her problem-solving skills were tested repeatedly in this job.


"During the summer work, Trelawney also showed her ability to work as part of a team, developing an excellent working relationship with the other student. Because I was out of town for four weeks, we had to communicate by phone regularly, and I relied on her for clear updates of progress and problems and precise descriptions of issues that I needed to help resolve. She managed this communication extremely well. Trelawney also brought to her work two other indispensable skills — a wonderful sense of humor and a tolerance for ambiguity. The first helped her to manage the tedium and demands for accuracy of the summer work while the latter enabled her to deal with the absence of close supervision."

- Craig McEwen, Professor, Bowdoin College

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