Make sure your content says what you think it does.

Simple typos or grammar mistakes send a message to your audience that you either don't know or you don't care. When you hire a professional editor, you ensure that your audience will get your intended message.

In the early stages of content development, editors can help organize the material logically, identify missing content, and address other issues that are costly to fix later in the process.


Experience includes

  • Corporate website copy
  • Flash demo copy
  • User interface
  • Help files
  • Data sheets
  • Brochure content
  • Teacher guides for online curriculum
  • Sales presentations
  • Online courses


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Who is NWxNE?

NorthWest by NorthEastTM is the professional face of Trelawney Goodell Fulton, a content guru with 15 years experience providing editing, writing, and content management services for technical, marketing, educational, multimedia, and web content. 

Content Types


Marketing collateral

Technical content

Educational or training materials

Multimedia projects

Translated content


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