Content Management

Sometimes it's hard to see where you're going.

With big content projects, it's easy to get lost in the details. You need someone who can track all the details and keep the overall project in mind. An experienced content manager will do that and keep you informed on the progress of the project.




  • Reviewed site architecture for 300-page site
  • Created editorial schedule for 30 pages of 300-page site
  • Supervised freelance writers and editors

Training material

  • Managed editing of 200-page curriculum and 50 pages of supporting materials
  • Created editorial schedule, assisted with proposal, worked with design lead to plan flow of content pieces
  • Created style guide
  • Managed freelance editors both onsite and offsite

Who is NWxNE?

NorthWest by NorthEastTM is the professional face of Trelawney Goodell Fulton, a content guru with 15 years experience providing editing, writing, and content management services for technical, marketing, educational, multimedia, and web content. 

Content Types


Marketing collateral

Technical content

Educational or training materials

Multimedia projects

Translated content


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