Everyone needs a second pair of eyes on content before it goes live.

And sometimes you need help earlier in a project to determine the best way to present information to your audience and then to create high-quality content.


NorthWest by NorthEast's services ensure that your content looks professional.



A writer takes raw source material and information about the audience and creates the structure, organization, and actual sentences to effectively communicate the idea. 

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An editor reviews your content from the audience’s perspective. Depending on the level of edit, she might only polish the grammar, punctuation, and spelling or she might reevaluate how you present the information and provide recommendations.

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Content management

A content manager can plan and schedule content deliverables, make sure the writers and editors have the information they need when they need it, and even hire and manage the writers and editors. When a person with content experience is keeping track of all the details, you don't need to worry about quality or deadlines.

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Who is NWxNE?

NorthWest by NorthEastTM is the professional face of Trelawney Goodell Fulton, a content guru with 15 years experience providing editing, writing, and content management services for technical, marketing, educational, multimedia, and web content. 

Content Types


Marketing collateral

Technical content

Educational or training materials

Multimedia projects

Translated content


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