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Steam swirls above the

Steam swirls above the

Taut surface of brown liquid

Comforting tea scent


Tea time feels so civilized. I can take a break mid-afternoon and enjoy a cup of tea. Sometimes, I have a snack to go along with it. If I'm very hungry, I have some cheese and crackers or yogurt.


I love the heat of the mug in my hands and the aromatherapy infusion. I breathe in slowly and feel soothed.


Do you have a relaxing ritual?



I've been thinking a lot about teamwork lately. I'm co-captain of an amazing lacrosse team. We're each wonderful as individuals, but when we work together on the field, it's magic.


I was on the sideline for our last game, and I saw some some moments of brilliance. Were they goals? Not always.


One moment was the smooth transition of the ball from a low defender to a defensive wing, to the center, and then to low attack. My teammates ran to open positions, cut toward the ball, and communicated clearly. The passes all connected, and it was beautiful.


In another moment, as the other team charged toward our end of the field, our defensive players sprinted back to provide a safety net. Players yelled to each other to identify who they were guarding, who was available for double-teaming, and any free players. Like a beehive, there was constant activity. Attack players from the other team sprinted in front of the goal asking for a pass. Defenders stayed close to the attackers, trying to get one step ahead. As different attackers moved from less dangerous to more dangerous positions on the field, the defenders reacted, sliding to cover—and double-team—the person with the ball.


What makes a strong team?

  • Communication
  • Respect and trust
  • Leadership
  • Common goals
  • Individual strengths
  • Willingness to support each other


Teams who work together are similar to teams who play together. The lessons that I've learned on the lacrosse field translate to situations in my work life.


Stay tuned for the expanded version of this post on Biznik. I will link to it from here. Feel free to comment here or on Biznik.


Sipping tea, talking

Sipping tea, talking

Such a civilized way to

Visit with good friends


My first date with my husband was at a tea shop. And although we have many common interests, our love of tea remains a key element in our life together. Today, one of my husbands close friends - and our officiant - came over to share a cup of tea and some great conversation.


In our busy lives, it is wonderful to take the time to sit down together, sip tea, and talk. It reaffirms our connections with each other.


What's your favorite way to spend time with friends?


I watch for a sprout

I watch for a sprout

Wondering if seeds are like

Pots: secret changers


If a watched pot never boils, does it follow that a watched seed never sprouts? I hope not. I go out to the balcony multiple times in the day to check on the progress of my little garden. How soon will the leaves break through the soil?


For gardeners: Do seeds sprout even when they are watched closely?


Dust, spray, and then wipe

Dust, spray, and then wipe

Vacuum, organize, and sort

Time for spring cleaning!


The weather is getting nicer outside, so it's time to clean everything inside. We're getting some help with spring cleaning this year, so I'm very excited about it!


What does spring mean to you? Planting? Exercising outdoors? Planning for summer?

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