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Rain in the morning

Rain in the morning

Beautiful sun after noon

And now rain again


I don't mind variable weather, but it's hard to know when to water the plants!


Chilly air pours in

Chilly air pours in

Rain coats the sidewalks and trees

Where did the sun go?


The warm, sunny days seem like a distant memory today. It's cold, rainy, and windy.


At least the balcony garden is getting a good dousing. :)


How do you feel about rainy days in Spring? Like? Hate? Love?


Sleepy eve at home

Sleepy eve at home

Should've gone to bed early

Watched too much Netflix


It's true that I watched too much Netflix last night. But, I was actually staying up late to provide moral support for my husband. He had an IT task that needed his attention about every hour... for more hours than either of us would like to count. So, I stayed up too.


I remember pulling an all-nighter once in high school. At the time, my dad got up early for work. When he saw me still working away in the dining room, he brought me a caffeinated beverage. I remember it as coffee, but I didn't ever drink coffee until college. So, it was probably tea. Either way, he saw my determination and helped me finish up my paper. A little extra support now and then goes a long way in my book.


How do you support your friends and family?


First day of the week

First day of the week

Full of possibilities

What will this week hold?


I know that most people groan on Mondays. We're supposed to love Saturday and hate Monday. Well, I love both. Saturdays are full of outdoor adventures and visits with friends. We get one day each week that we don't have to think about work at all, and Saturday is it. We can stay up as late as we want, and still catch up on sleep before the work week starts. For me, every Monday is a new beginning. I start work feeling recharged from the weekend. And, I usually get a ton of work done. I have a lot of new ideas on Mondays. And, every new idea seems possible because the week is brand new.


What's your favorite day between Monday and Friday? And why?


Is summer coming?

Is summer coming?

The sun dances on water

Flowers are in bloom


Today is supposed to reach the low 70s. For Seattle, that is summer weather. I'm looking forward to it but trying to convince my body not to expect a repeat performance any time soon. The temperature is supposed to drop back down tomorrow for a moody weekend of clouds and rain.


Do you like spring or summer better?

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