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Rereading a book

Rereading a book

I have loved since middle school

Pride and Prejudice


For the first time, I'm reading a version of Pride and Prejudice from the 19th Century. As a word geek, I find the spelling and typography interesting. As a book lover, I can't get over the feel of the pages and the comfort of holding each volume of the book. (This series has the longer Jane Austen books split into 2 volumes.) After getting wrist cramps from holding Harry Potter books, I appreciate the lightweight volumes!


What books do you go back to? 


The lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse

Reminds me of visiting Japan

Fireworks with Junko


I was sad that the lunar eclipse wasn't visible where I live. But, knowing about it reminded me of my most recent visit to Japan a few years ago. While I was staying with my good friend, Junko, there was a lunar eclipse. Junko, her friend (also Junko), their sons, and I went into the small neighborhood street with sparklers to wait for the spectacle. The eclipse happened right on schedule, the bright light fading to nothing and then turning back on like a cosmic dimmer. I took a couple of photographs, but they don't do the eclipse justice. All I captured was a streaky blob surrounded by some wispy clouds. But, I'm glad I took them anyway. They remind me of the visit, of the day's warmth hanging in the air, of the excited voices of my friends and their sons.


Have you ever seen an eclipse? Share your story!


Curly, crisp, and sour

Curly, crisp, and sour

Foraged from nearby mountains

Fiddlehead pickles


How excited was I to discover that fiddlehead pickles filled an entire line of a haiku? I know... I'm a bit of a word geek sometimes. Writing haiku lets me play with language in a different way, and I love that.


And the fiddlehead pickles themselves were inspiring! We got them as a side dish to fabulous sandwiches at Nettletown. And, there were so many that we took them home to enjoy for another couple of days. I highly recommend all their food! Yum!


What are your favorite treats?


Brisk walk and mocha

Brisk walk and mocha

Energizing jolt to start

A beautiful day!


I don't usually drink coffee. But, I wanted to be alert and awake for a client call at 9, so I decided that I'd have a mocha as a treat. I walked down the street to one of the wonderful local cafes. Once there, I decided to also treat myself to a mini breakfast burrito filled with eggs, cheese, and ham. Yum! The fresh air, sweet drink, and savory breakfast were the perfect start to a wonderful day.


How do you like to start your day?


Anything wrong with these links?

I saw this list of links recently:



Is there anything wrong?


Share your guess here!

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