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The wave of work crests

The wave of work crests

Crashing down on me at 6

Early morning tasks


Why doesn't work come through in a steady stream throughout the day? I guess it's because the people working on whatever document needs editing actually need time to finish it. And, when scheduling is tight, the writers and reviewers and revisers all find themselves staring down a deadline and trying to fit everything in. It's OK. I know that's just how it is. But sometimes it makes my schedule a little challenging.


What's challenging about your job?


Humidity hangs

Humidity hangs

In the air, trying to rain

Leaving us sticky


The weather is so strange today. It's cloudy but very humid and warm. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in part to avoid the humidity of New England's summers. I suppose I shouldn't complain. At least it is 70 and humid instead of 90 and humid!


I'm wondering if I should replace the broken AC unit that was here when I moved in. It never seems worth it... except for the few days or week each year that are humid. I'm more of a fresh air person usually, which is why I hadn't even considered AC originally.


What do you like better? Open windows or AC?


Don't be afraid to step back

I've just posted a new article on Biznik. It is one of a series on business lessons that I've learned on the lacrosse field.


Here's the beginning:


Moving backward can help you move forward.


Our society tells us to keep pushing forward. When you hit an obstacle, you can go around, over, under, or through it. Sometimes these solutions work. But there’s another solution that sometimes works better. Moving backward can give you new perspective and sometimes pave the way for new opportunities.

To read the rest of the article, please go to the Don't be afraid to step back article on Biznik.


I look forward to reading your comments on Biznik or here!


Rain pours from the sky

Rain pours from the sky

Coating the streets, cars, and plants

The air is cooler


Right when most of my neighbors are praying to every being they can think of to get more sun, I'm very pleased with a nighttime rainstorm. Why? While I love summer, I don't like to be hot. That's part of why I chose Seattle as my home. I especially don't like to be hot at night. So, when we get a soothing, cooling rainstorm that clears the air and helps me sleep, I'm all for it.


Last night's rainstorm was even better than most. It rained hard enough so we could hear the rain falling through the trees outside our window. That sound comforts me like no other. And I slept very soundly.


What sounds do you like to hear when you sleep?


Hearing pitter pat

Hearing pitter pat

I rush outside to see rain

But it's from planters


It's been a little humid today, so I was excited about the prospect of rain. And, I love rain (good thing, too, living in Seattle!). I was a little disappointed that it wasn't raining. But, later in the day, I heard the same pitter pat against the dining room window, and I knew that had to be rain. I walked outside to inhale the aroma of new rain. I love that smell.


What's one of your favorite smells?

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